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Ippon or Uchi-mata

Recently at my dojo in Kendal I was fortunate to have  Vitaly Makarov ( Russian star -73kg player) deliver a excellent seminar. Demonstrating his great uchi mata (inner thigh throw) he was questioned on his driving his opponent side ways instead of the conventional rotation. He said simply ippon (a full point score) it works and delivered him a famous world championship in 2001 together with a Olympic silver  medal. We never have to forget our goal , for our skills to be affective and practical. Vataly Makarov is a very traditional judoka who developed his skills to counter the wrestling style which is popular in Russia.


This course is designed for the teacher, coach, trainer, instructor giving you a insight into teaching skills and teaching methods.

The basic building blocks for sport.

24 FEBRUARY 2008    10am – 4 pm  

 Numbers are strictly limited so early booking is advised

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 photo   mike varey

Winter Training CAMP 2008

For the past 21 years Kendal Judo Club has run a winter training camp. This year the very best of British Judo was in attendance. Here are some photos and clips to give you a feel  for the training. 


  Iain Abernethy  says

Mike Liptot’s first Judo DVD will be released early in 2008! Mike has been my Judo coach for the last 12 months and he suggested that I do an “Alfred Hitchcock” on the DVD (#). By which I took him to mean a short dumpy bald bloke should appear in the background and add very little to the onscreen action. I fulfilled the role perfectly! It’s hardly “Where is Waldo?” as  myself and “Jurgen” (real name “Michael”) are performing a drill for the outer reaping throw as Mike explains it.

Be sure to keep an eye out for me ;-)

I’ve now seen the first edit of the DVD and it’s very impressive.

Mike is a superb coach – who has been training in judo since the age of 6 and his ability to break down the key requirements of any technique is very impressive. However, not only does the DVD break down a number of key throws, it also  includes training methods and groundwork follow ups.

The DVD also includes the associated breakfalls and gymnastic exercises. As usual, Summersdale have made a great job with the post production and I can easily see this being one of the most popular DVDs of 2008. A must for anyone, regardless of style, who wants to make their throwing and grappling work.
 (#) – In case you don’t know, Alfred Hitchcock always appeared as “an extra” in all his films.